ESG travelled to the UK to run their first ever camp at the historic Hull Ice Arena. The staff enjoyed the opportunity to work with some amazing players, and an incredible support staff. The Hull Ice Arena provided an excellent venue for the camp, with players travelling from as far away as 6-7 hours to participate.

Staff that travelled from abroad included Sean Walsh (Head Coach-Southern New Hampshire University), Jim Ward (Head Coach-Connecticut College), Tobin Trautz (Head Coach – University of North Carolina/Charlotte), and Mike Pilon (ESG).

The UK Staff was an amazing group of people, headlined by Camp Director Mike Clancy, Local Coordinators Andy & Sam Daintith, and instructors Dave Clancy, Mike Forbes, Jeff Colton, Nick Crawley, Danny Milton, MJ Clancy, Tom Ratcliffe, Heather McDermott, Alan Blyth, and Dave Capps. A big thank you as well to our admin staff of Kay Clancy & Louise Capps for their incredible efforts on registration day.

Players were put through the paces over the course of a five day period, with two sessions daily on the ice and two sessions off the ice. The players were absolute sponges and loved to compete. Incredible pace to the days which resulted in one very tired group of coaches and players by week’s end. Loved every minute of it – a huge thank you to everyone for being a part of it all. We look forward to returning in 2020!