Advising and Mentoring

For today’s aspiring athlete, the hockey landscape can be a very confusing one. Be it the pursuit of a NCAA Scholarship, to that of dreams of a Pro Hockey Contract – the information can be daunting to even the most experienced hockey family.

ESG’s advisor/mentor program was developed with the goal of providing an independent resource to help athletes and their families through the hockey experience. Helping to provide individual, focused, specific direction/support and information to the athlete and their family – including mentorship notes & video evaluation.

Honesty and integrity are keys value points for our staff dealing with these athletes. As a mentor, our role is not only to provide information so that players/families may make the most informed decisions possible, but also to hold our athletes accountable in relation to their established goals. This involves all aspects of the player’s path including athletic training, education, and resource facilitation (nutrition, concussion, sports psychologists, physician, etc).

The program involves various aspects including an initial meeting to discuss expectations and roles, defining how the relationship works as a support mechanism in helping to prepare the athlete across all spectrums – not solely athletic – ensuring the player’s greatest chance for success. This includes the use of a cutting-edge internal online player management system used to administrate all video, notes, academics, communication, and contact between the mentor and the player/family.

This service is provided for both male and female elite athletes within the sport of ice hockey. Each of our advisor-mentors have a exceptionally strong background across all playing/instructional/coaching backgrounds – providing an unparalleled resource who is familiar with all issues concerning a player’s situation.

Specific program details are provided during the initial discussions of the program.
Interested parties are asked to contact Mike Pilon at to schedule a free consultation.