GOFUNDME – Flood relief for CCHL Commissioner Kevin Abrams

Kevin Abrams, his wife Danna and family pets have been displaced from their home in a section of Pembroke, ONT because of flood waters from the Ottawa River. Private insurance and special government emergency funding is an unknown at this point as first responders have not been able to assess the damage to a small group of those most affected. Their home, with photos, furniture, personal effects and lots of special times and memories, are now gone.


This spring, heavy rains and melting snow provided the perfect storm on the Ottawa River, with waters cresting 2.7 metres (nine feet) and rising in some areas targeting the City of Pembroke.  According to Pembroke Mayor Michael LeMay, as reported in the Ottawa Citizen May 10, 2019, “It’s the highest its ever been. Our waterfront is a mess, and the cresting keeps changing,” said LeMay. 

While every life and property is no more valuable than another, it is important to understand that Kevin Abrams is the Commissioner of  the Central Canada Hockey League (CCHL) located in the Ottawa region. He is  a strong advocate for player development and academic achievement in Canada and the United States, and has spent countless hours leading the efforts to enhance and strengthen the CCHL. 

Updates will be provided as Kevin and Danna know more about their situation. Kevin and Danna have agreed to share all excess proceeds with neighbors.