Endeavour Sports Group has held hockey camps both locally and internationally since its inception. All of our camps follow a format that covers multiple themes, such as skating skills (balance, quick feet, stride), puck skills (passing, under handling, shoot principles), game tactics (puck protection, puck support, etc.), through the use of station work, high repetition drills and small area games.


SPRING PREP PROGRAM – Ottawa, ON, April-June (weekly) 2020

8 week program that focusses on personal skill development, implementation in game situations, and education about the road to come in the hockey world. 5 instructors are on the ice at all times including 1 guest coach from the NCAA, CIS, junior-loop, or a professional within the field.

SPP Video Info

Information for 2020 SPP will be available January 2020. Please contact Mike at if you have any questions about the program.

JULY DEFENCE CAMP – Ottawa, ON, July 2020

The camp will consist of 2 hours per day of on-ice work over the course of 5 days with a focus on skating skills (such as backward starts, stride, balance, quick feet, and pivots), puck skills (such as passing, shielding, under-handling, shooting/fake principles) and tactics (defense AT and AWAY from the puck – partner support, gap control, net front play, angling) and all of its implementation into game situations. The format will cover each of these through the use of station work with high repetition, high pace, and high feedback settings.

Registration will open in February 2020. For further information please email Mike at

July D Camp 2020 Info Packet (PDF)


The camp will consist of 15 hours of on-ice work for the players (5 days of 3 hours of ice daily), including daily lectures, leadership & off ice skill development. On ice work will focus on skating, pucks skills, tactical application of skills, competitive elements, small area games – all in a high repetition/high feedback environment delivered by a professional staff committed to positive interaction with the aspiring athletes. 

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Please download the attached flyer/waiver (click to download) and follow the registration directions, or for more information contact us or Mike Clancy at