Private and Team Training

PRIVATE LESSONS are simply that – one on one with the player or set in a small semi-private environment, tailored to fit your specific skill demands. Private lessons are charged per the following:

Ice charges are the responsibility of the player.

We do have ice slots available at the Minto ($130/hour) – please check the calendar on the front page to book any open dates or email us.

Player pays an $80 session fee for one on one with the coach.

Semi-private session fees are set as follows: $65 each for 2 players, $50 each for 3 to 5 players, and $40 each for 6 players.

We do have the ability to host 2 private sessions at once on the ice, splitting ice costs even further.

If travel is not a big obstacle, getting outside the city to use rinks like Carleton Place may offer cheaper ice. Extensive travel may result in an additional fee.

You may choose any member of our staff for private lessons, or be recommended one.

We can provide client references to seek feedback regarding the difference between their experience in the private/semi private environments versus team environments. Its important that families understand the difference for some players that the intimate setting provides for both learning and progression. The undivided attention tends to earn the players respect quite quickly – and our communication skills are what I believe allows us to be successful in this medium.

This is a very powerful training tool, and one that I hope you get to experience. This includes any goaltenders as well seeking one on one training with Endeavour’s resident goalie coaches, Marc Robitaille or Andrew Cobham. The ice may even be split between a goalie and player(s) for specific training purposes.

Registrations will be hosted by, and links for each session will be posted on our website. Please note that you must notify us if you have registered for a session and can no longer attend, for whatever reason. We need to advise staff and be able to find replacement participants for the session. You will be charged the session fee if we aren’t notified of your absence 24 hours prior to the session.

TEAM TRAINING are sessions where our staff will attend your practice session and help run a practice tailored to the needs of your skaters. We do not have any ice booked for these sessions. Teams can request 1-2 coaches, and examples of topics we have done before include:

  • skating skills (quickness, stride, pivots, starts)
  • position specific training (defense and/or forwards)
  • special teams (power play or penalty kill)
  • offensive zone entry
  • defensive zone coverage
  • scoring habits
  • net drive

Our fees for this are: $165/hour + HST for one (1) coach $220/hour + HST for two (2) coaches